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You Matter Media

The services and creative shenanigans of Chad & Sophia.

Chad Boersema

Coffee Drinker

I take pictures, write out ideas , and ask Sophia to do lots of editing.

Sophia Thomas

The Encourager who does everything else

Steering artists with creative advice as coach/writer/director & yes, sometimes editor

Kind Words


Ben Sullivan

VO & Film Actor

“When consulting recently with Sophia about some career changes I was considering…  She offered some bluntly worded advice that ‘cut through’ right to heart of the matter, and ultimately, pushed me into the courage that I needed to move forward.  This is what she said to me, “AIM HIGHER and DON’T SETTLE FOR CRUMBS.”  Wow.  Enough said.  And, so I did and I do move forward.  Thank you, Sophia.  You’re an amazing coach with just the right touch; I appreciate your insight very much!!”

Elizabeth Jee

TV/Film/Theater/VO Actress

“Big thanks to my sweet friend, Sophia Thomas, & her hubby Chad, for their help, feedback & the generous use of their talent & home! Very grateful for their kindness!”